Student Organizations

"People create jobs. Don't chase jobs, chase people. Use your undergrad experience to learn the art of networking. Student organizations give you a great place to start." -Kelly Kennedy, Associate Director of Student Development and Outreach

Engaging beyond the classroom is an important part of your development as a student and professional. In addition to offering the opportunity to network, student organizations strengthen leadership skills, teach time management, and are a great way to build friendships. UConn offers hundreds of clubs and organizations, including a number of Business organizations.

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Learn How to Strategically Engage

In Spring 2021, business student orgs gathered virtually to create a master list of asynchronous content that will help you explore what they have to offer. Browse participating student orgs, watch their video introductions, and access asynchronous content via the link below.

You hear your advisors and faculty telling you all the time to get involved in student clubs and organizations. Is it truly that important? What do students have to gain from involvement outside of the classroom? In this LAUNCH Podcast episode, learn why taking part in experiential learning is so important for student learning and growth. 

Business Student Organization Listing

Most of the organizations listed below are open to all majors, both within and outside the School of Business.


Special Interest


Student Experiences

What will you be doing after graduation?

"I will be working with Bain & Company in Boston, one of the top three Management Consulting Firms. I will be helping companies with strategic initiatives."

What was a really formative experience you had through UConn School of Business?

"The UConn Consulting Group. Coming into UConn, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I went to the Involvement Fair knowing that I was interested in solving problems for businesses. Throughout my time [with UConn Consulting Group], we worked on a variety of programs within UConn such as Athletics, and other outside companies that are typically sourced through our Advisors’ personal networks. It’s because of my experience with UCG that I found that consulting was what I wanted to do and formed a strong network through UCG. I was really interested in investment banking when I first came to UConn, but UCG helped me to figure out that I love consulting."

What are you doing now for work?

"I’m actually in a transition period right now. I’ve been with EY for the past 5 years in New York City. In the Fall of 2018, I’ll be going to Harvard for my MBA. I’m really trying to merge my finance and accounting skillsets with social impact. I’ve been and currently am involved in many nonprofits in the city with a focus on social impact investing."

What student organization activities did you engage in?

"I was NABA President. I also worked with Husky Sport and served as Diversity Lead on the Dean’s Leadership Council, where I had the opportunity to work on strategies for bringing more students of color into the School of Business. My School of Business experience was special. There were so few students of color at the time, but we were still all able to thrive and navigate all the obstacles. People in MCB and NABA really helped to inspire me. I really felt the drive to set the bar for other students of color."

What was your favorite experience at the School of Business?

"My favorite experience was having the opportunity of connecting with like-minded individuals, in which I was able to build meaningful relationships with friends.

I was in Student Government Association as well as Financial Management Club. I was a senator for SGA, where I was able to attend the weekly meetings and organize events that were happening in and outside of campus. I was a member of FMC for a couple years and then I became Vice President this year. It has been an amazing experience both being a student leader and a member. I learned a ton from the guest speakers and I also am learning a lot being the facilitator of the club meetings and organizing events and field trips."

What Now?

Visit an Involvement Fair and check out UConntact.