Why Every Student Should Join a Business Student Organization

"People create jobs. Don't chase jobs, chase people. Use your undergrad experience to learn the art of networking. Student organizations give you a great place to start." -Kelly Kennedy, Director of Transformative Learning Career Education

Engaging beyond the classroom is an important part of your development as a student and professional. In addition to offering the opportunity to network, student organizations strengthen leadership skills, teach time management, and are a great way to build friendships. UConn offers hundreds of clubs and organizations, including a number of Business organizations.

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Learn How to Strategically Engage

You hear your advisors and faculty telling you all the time to get involved in student clubs and organizations. Is it truly that important? What do students have to gain from involvement outside of the classroom? In this LAUNCH Podcast episode, learn why taking part in experiential learning is so important for student learning and growth. 

Business Student Organization Listing

Most of the organizations listed below are open to all majors, both within and outside the School of Business.


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What Now?

Visit an Involvement Fair and check out UConntact.