How to Conduct a "Self-Audit"

What is a self-audit?  A self-audit is both a progress check on the academic and course requirements you have completed thus far, and the creation of an enrollment plan for your upcoming semester(s). Self-audits are based on your transcript, your plan of study, and your Academic Requirements Report in Student Admin.

Why do I need to complete a self-audit? It is important for you to take ownership of your academic and course requirements. It is ultimately your responsibility as a student to understand and complete all of your requirements in order to reach graduation. It is also more efficient for you to have a thorough understanding of your requirements and academic plan so that you can ask educated questions of your Advisor, and so that your advising appointments can be more productive.

  1. Log in to Student Admin with your NetID

  2. Click the Transcripts & Verifications tile on the Homepage
    transcript tile

  3. Click the View Unofficial Transcript tab within the listing on the far left of the page.

    View Unofficial Transcript tab

  4. Click the Submit button to initiate your request.

    Submit Button for Transcripts

  5. Select the checkbox that aligns with your request date and click the View Report button.

    View Unofficial Transcript button

  6. Your Unofficial Transcript will launch in a separate window.
    1. Log in to Student Admin with your NetID
    1. Click the Academic Progress & Advising tile.
      report tile
    1.  Select Academic Requirements from the menu on the left. If you are currently a Non-Business student seeking to view your progress and conduct a self-audit on a desired Business major, select the “What-if Advisement Report” from the left menu instead.

      Academic Requirements tile
    1. After a few moments, the My Academic Requirements report will display. Your Academic Requirements Report shows your academic progress toward graduation. Unsatisfied requirements will be expanded by default. As you scroll down the report, you will see the areas that have not been satisfied.

      My Academic Requirements report
  1. Access your Business Major Plan of Study.

    Your Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Please use your Academic Requirements Report (see step 2) in StudentAdmin to determine your catalog year, which is typically the year you started in the School of Business.

    If you are an Undecided major, you can select the plan of study for the major you intend to pursue. The first page of every Business Major Plan of Study (which outlines Business Critical Courses and Business General Education Courses) is the same for every Business major.

  2. Utilize your unofficial transcript to check off course requirements that you have already completed. For course requirements that you have in progress this semester, we recommend writing "IP" for "in progress" on the line next to the course requirement.

    You can double check whether or not you have completed your Business Second Language requirement within your Academic Requirements Report. Remember: the School of Business requires students to complete either 3 years of a single second language in high school or the equivalent of 4 semesters of a language at UConn.

    Your plan of study may look similar to this when it is complete:
Access the Dynamic Class Search to view course offerings.

  1. From the Student Administration login screen, click Guest Access.

    Guest Access

  2. Complete any information specific to your search (e.g., Semester/Year, Academic Level, Subject, Campus, etc.).

    Complete additional search criteria

  3. Click Search.

  4. All Course Search results display Open Classes by default.  Uncheck the Open Classes option and click Search to include all classes being offered, as desired.

    Open Classes checkbox

  5. Search again to refine results.

    Search Criteria to filter results further

  6. If more than one-page displays, use the arrow buttons or First and Last, located at the top right of the table of results, to view all rows of data.

    Capacity Available
Use the space provided on your plan of study to plan for your upcoming semester(s) based on the course requirements you still need to fulfill and what courses are available on your campus.

Be sure to include space for electives in your plan. The typical Business student needs approximately 30 elective credits. These credits ideally are taken intentionally across the duration of the student's educational career. You can consider using electives toward a minor. View more guidance for choosing electives.

Be sure to also plan for any additional courses you may need toward an additional degree, if you are pursuing an additional degree.

You can find course descriptions, pre-requisites, and how many credits each course is worth in the University Catalog.

Your completed plan may look like this: