Analytics and Information Management (formerly MIS)

Analytics and Information Management (AIM), housed in the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Department, is a fast-growing major that prepares students with knowledge and skills in managing information and technology to drive business efficiency and performance. AIM provides students with highly sought-after proficiencies that help discover business insights and identify technology improvements across business functions. Students will learn how to analyze and interpret data to make informed business decisions, manage data and information systems to mitigate security risks, formulate creative technology solutions to fulfill business requirements and manage teams to implement solutions. Students who major in AIM are eligible to apply to the Accelerated Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management (MSBAPM) Program.

The AIM major is available to students at the Storrs Campus

AIM is for You If

  • You enjoy working with technology and you want a career in Business
  • You’re curious about how data can be used in business environments
  • You enjoy solving puzzles and complex problems
  • You like to travel, see the world
  • You like (or don’t mind) working in teams of people to solve challenging business problems with creative use of technology
  • You dream about doing a technology startup

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Student Voices

Hannah Bonitz (MIS '19)


“One of my favorite experiences at UConn was Jon Moore’s case competition class. We had to do a 20-minute presentation every week on a business problem. Initially I wondered why I’d taken the class. But I’ve seen my presentation skills improve so much. It taught me so much about how to present, how to work under pressure, and to accept that a solution may not be perfect but it is the best it can be in the time allotted.”

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