At the core of the Management major is coursework with an emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, and strategic vision, three of the most prized assets of any successful business leader. Management majors are prepared to understand the “big picture” rather than focus on highly specialized, often rapidly changing, areas of study.  This requires an ability to think and act on one’s own with a confidence that only comes from an ability to see and appreciate what most highly focused specialists cannot.

Current Management Plan of Study (2018-19)

Previous Management Plans of Study


Entrepreneurship Concentration

Most people are surprised to learn that entrepreneurial companies are at the core of economies throughout the world. In the United States, as well as in the State of Connecticut, entrepreneurial firms employ nearly 60% of our workforce, account for 66% of all job growth, and produce half of our country’s gross domestic product. Some of the world’s largest companies are privately-held and family run. The concentration in Entrepreneurship recognizes this significant trend and prepares students for a variety of career opportunities, such as starting their own new venture; taking over, or increasing involvement in their family’s business; opening a new franchise; or working in an existing entrepreneurial firm. Companies also value employees who can think entrepreneurially as those who can start up a new division or move a product into a new market.

Management majors may choose to pursue a concentration in Entrepreneurship by completing the courses outlined in the Plan of Study.

Student Organizations

UConn Consulting Group (UCG)

The UConn Consulting Group was founded on the belief that given the resources and training, students can make a meaningful impact on the UConn community and achieve their career goals.  UCG gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience providing strategy consulting services to UConn organizations, local businesses, and corporations. We are led by UConn alumni who have gone on to graduate from top MBA programs and work at premier consulting firms.

International Business Society (IBS)

The International Business Society is a student organization which aims to advance the intellectual and professional lives of students interested in international business. Since its inception in Fall 2008, our organization has strived to foster global perspectives through the coordination of guest speakers, media, and social activities. Present on both Facebook and Twitter

Student Entrepreneurial Organization (SEO)

The SEO aims “to bring together qualified students, faculty, and all other participating parties, with the goal to create a high level of value across topics relating to entrepreneurship, through events and activities that will allow members to enhance their knowledge and skills corresponding to the entrepreneurial mindset.”

Women in Business (WIB)

Women in Business is a student-run organization that seeks to foster students’ personal and professional development, specifically that of women. The purpose of the organization is to bridge students’ professional goals and ambitions with that of personal life. The organization does so by raising awareness of the many issues that women face in the professional business world. More importantly, the organization is to prepare students with a competitive edge and knowledge for success in pursuing future careers through networking opportunities with corporate leaders, panel discussion and workshops.

Education Abroad

Grenoble Graduate School of Business, the international division of Grenoble Ecole de Management, a top-ten French Business School and one of the “Grandes Ecoles de Management”, has designed an undergraduate Study Abroad Program for students who wish to enhance their knowledge of international business, culture, and foreign language. Students who plan to work abroad or in a multinational corporation should definitely consider joining the program.

Experiential Learning


The CCEI is a vehicle of UConn’s School of Business to educate present and future business leaders on innovation, creativity, the globalization of products, consumers and the economy, rapidly changing information technology, the demand for quality and continuous improvement, and a culturally diverse workforce. The Center’s vision is to serve as the resource of choice to Connecticut’s entrepreneurial business community, while developing innovative and exciting educational opportunities for students, faculty and entrepreneurs.

Innovation Accelerator

One of the primary outreach initiatives of the CCEI is the Innovation Accelerator (IA), which assists entrepreneurial ventures in addressing complex challenges associated with the identification and capture of business opportunities. The IA enhances UConn’s offerings in the entrepreneurship field and builds an academic/industry partnership to further foster the entrepreneurial culture in the state. The IA utilizes interdisciplinary project teams composed of graduate and undergraduate students that solve complex business issues for Connecticut’s technology-based entrepreneurial ventures.

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