Scholastic Standing Requirement

Students in the School of Business must meet School of Business Scholastic Standing Requirements, which include GPA requirements as well as a timeline for completion of Business Critical Courses.  The Scholastic Standing Requirements are dependent on the student's catalog year, so please refer to the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog to confirm exact requirements. To confirm your catalog year, view your Academic Requirements report in Student Admin. Generally, a student's catalog year is the year in which the student entered the School of Business.

Click here to view School of Business Scholastic Standing Requirements for the current catalog year. For prior catalog years, you can view the catalog archive here.

Students admitted to the School of Business will be reviewed at the end of each Fall and Spring semester to determine if their academic achievement meets the requirements as established by the faculty and outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Scholastic Standing Requirements are reviewed in depth at School of Business orientation and during advising. Any questions regarding Scholastic Standing should be directed to the student’s Academic Advisor.