Scholastic Standing Requirement

Students in the School of Business must meet all Scholastic Standing Requirements.  The Scholastic Standing Requirements are dependent on the student’s catalog year, so please refer to the appropriate undergraduate catalog to confirm exact requirements. Below is the excerpt from the current 2018-2019 catalog detailing this policy.

Students admitted to the School of Business will be reviewed at the end of each semester to determine if their academic achievement meets the requirements as established by the faculty and outlined below. All credits used to determine when a student is reviewed at a particular grade point average include course work at UConn and course work accepted by UConn that counts towards a student’s degree. The total credits earned includes all non-credit bearing grades except audits and withdrawals. The grade point averages are calculated to include all graded course work applied towards the degree. Students admitted to the School of Business must earn a 2.79 cumulative grade point average by the end of the term in which they achieve a minimum of 24 credits as defined above. In the student’s next fulltime term, they must achieve a 2.93 cumulative grade point average. Students admitted to the School of Business must earn a 3.0 cumulative grade point average by the end of the term in which they achieve a minimum of 54 credits as defined above. Students in their junior and senior years, must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Only students who achieve these cumulative grade point averages, will be permitted to continue as a major in the School of Business. Additionally, students must show substantial progress toward meeting the freshman-sophomore course requirements, especially those courses that are requisites for the 3000 and 4000-level business courses (ENGL 1010 or 1011; ACCT 2001; MATH 1070Q and 1071Q; ECON 1201 and 1202, or 1200; STAT 1000Q or 1100Q) and must successfully complete these courses by the end of their 4th term. This may include some non-degree work completed by the student prior to matriculating to the University of Connecticut.

Students accepted to the School of Business must maintain a minimum at least a 2.0 in their TGPA and all School of Business courses numbered at the 3000 and 4000 level plus ACCT 2001 and 2101. Students who fail to maintain the minimum grade point average in any of these areas or fail to complete specified courses as noted above are subject to dismissal from the School of Business. Students conditionally admitted to the School on the basis of successful completion of courses for which they have indicated they were registered must pass all those courses by the end of that term and meet the 2.0 grade point average for the semester, cumulative, and business courses or be subject to having their acceptance rescinded.


The below table summarizes the Scholastic Standing Requirements for students in the School of Business:

Minimum Required Cumulative GPA Minimum Required Term GPA
End of freshman standing (24 credits)
2.79  2.0
End of next full time term 2.93  2.0
End of sophomore standing (54 credits)
3.0  2.0
Junior/Senior standing 2.0  2.0
Business cumulative GPA (in ACCT 2001, ACCT 2101/BADM 2710 and all 3000 level or higher business courses) 2.0 2.0
Every semester GPA 2.0
All critical courses must be complete by the end of the student’s fourth term.