Scholastic Standing Requirements

Students in the School of Business must meet School of Business Scholastic Standing Requirements, which include GPA requirements, as well as a timeline for completion of Business Critical Courses. Students admitted to the School of Business will be reviewed at the end of each Fall and Spring semester to determine if their academic achievement meets the requirements as established by the faculty and outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Future courses take in Summer or Winter sessions are not considered in evaluation of meeting the Scholastic Standing Requirements. These Scholastic Standing Requirements are reviewed in depth at School of Business orientation and during advising. Any questions regarding Scholastic Standing should be directed to the student’s Academic Advisor.

The Scholastic Standing Requirements are dependent on the student's catalog year. The information on this page outlines the scholastic standing requirements for Business students in the 2019-2020 catalog year and later. If your catalog year is 2018-2019 or earlier, you must refer to the University Catalog for your scholastic standing requirements, which are different than those outlined below. To confirm your catalog year, view your Academic Requirements report in Student Admin. Generally, a student's catalog year is the year in which the student entered the School of Business.

Scholastic Standing Requirements for Business Students

Students admitted to the School of Business will be reviewed at the end of each Fall and Spring semester (defined as "term" or "semester" below)

Students must always maintain a minimum 2.000 term GPA (each individual term).
Students must earn a 2.790 cumulative GPA in any semester in which they earn less than 40 cumulative credits, beginning at the end of their second term.
Students must earn a 2.930 cumulative GPA in any semester in which they earn 40 or more cumulative credits (but less than 54).
Students must earn a 3.000 cumulative GPA in the first semester in which they earn 54 or more credits.
Students must always maintain a 2.500 cumulative GPA thereafter.
Students must show substantial progress toward meeting their first and second year requirements by successfully completing their Business critical courses (ACCT 2001; ECON 1201 and 1202, or 1200; ENGL 1007 or 1010 or 1011; MATH 1070Q and 1071Q; STAT 1000Q or 1100Q) by the end of their fourth term.
Students must always maintain a minimum 2.000 cumulative Business GPA which includes all School of Business courses numbered at the 3000 level or higher plus ACCT 2001 and ACCT/BADM 2101 (formerly offered as BADM 2710) Business courses include courses in the following academic departments: ACCT, BADM, BUSN, BLAW, FNCE, HCMI, MEM, MENT, MGMT, MKTG, OPIM)

Academic G.A.T.E.W.A.Y.

A UConn School of Business resource intended to assist students in fostering the skills needed to succeed academically.  Whether you have a 3.0+ GPA or on university probation, the information relayed at the Academic G.A.T.E.W.A.Y. can be a helpful guide whenever you need throughout the semester.