Business Connections Learning Community

The Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) is a living and learning community available to UConn Business students on the Storrs and Stamford campuses. The community provides students unique opportunities to expand their business knowledge and skillset while offering ongoing special opportunities to network with School of Business alumni, faculty, staff and fellow students.

Storrs Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) students live in Belden Hall, a co-ed building housing both first and second year students. A student centered team of RAs, Mentors, and BCLC Leadership provide guidance, support, social and educational opportunities for the community. In addition, the BCLC offers students numerous resources within the building as well as a close knit atmosphere where they can explore their interest in business while developing friendships and connections together.

Stamford Business Connections students have access to the BCLC Lounge where they can host events, study, and interact with each other. The Lounge is a place to “live” together while students are on the Stamford campus. Located inside the School of Business suite on the third floor, this location is in the heart of our business community at Stamford. While there is not a required living component, students who live on campus or commute can find opportunities to build community, both personally and professionally, in and outside the classroom. Additional support is offered in the way of student leaders and committee chairs for various student-led committees that plan and organize educational and social activities within the community.

Students in the Business Connections Community have a multitude of ways they can explore business and develop professional skills. Primary among these is a UNIV 1810 course first year students complete in both the Fall and Spring semester. The Fall section is designed to facilitate the transition to life at UConn while also introducing students to the School of Business and to each other.The Spring section continues the learning journey by enhancing their awareness and understanding of the skills needed to be a successful professional in the business world and while at UConn.

All students in the community also complete several professional skill development sessions each year that build in complexity and scope as they progress from their first to second year.These sessions are designed to accelerate the development of essential skills needed to build professional networks, obtain summer internships, and launch successful careers after graduation.

Opportunities to create and develop a strong network of business students and professionals are a core component of participating in the Business Connections Community. Numerous events held in the community, at the School of Business, and around the Northeast region provide students the chance to meet and connect with advanced business students, UConn alumni, and corporate executives who are passionate about sharing their experiences and advice with young business students.

Additionally, each May the Business Connections Community offers students the opportunity to expand their global understanding of business and culture in the form of an international business immersion trip. School of Business faculty and Business Connections Community staff select a destination featuring industry connections and UConn relationships that students learn from and engage with through excursions and experiences designed exclusively for Business Connections Students.

BCLC Scholar

Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) Scholars represent the highest achieving members in the School of Business learning community. BCLC Scholars have met rigorous requirements during their two years in the learning community including: completion of the Bloomberg Market Concepts Course and a series of four BCLC courses; attendance at BCLC professional development events; and participation in case competitions, several field trips, events, and alumni connections sessions. In addition, BCLC Scholars have also demonstrated exceptional leadership and outstanding behavior during their time in the community.

International Business Immersion Trip

An exclusive Business Connections 1-Credit Course

This 8-10-day international business immersion trip was created to offer our Business Connections Learning Community students the unique opportunity to experience a study abroad trip focused on international business early in their academic careers.  Participating students travel as a group and visit numerous multinational and international companies in the selected country to meet with top level executives and learn about their business model, challenges and success.  Extensive visits to key historic and cultural sites are also included.  Students stay in double occupancy, 3-star hotels and are guided by UConn faculty/staff leaders and a local travel guide.  Students complete pre and post research associated with the 1-credit class attached to the trip and attend three preparation meetings prior to takeoff.

The Business Connections Learning Community solicits scholarships to to help students with financial need to afford this special learning opportunity.

Germany 2022

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