LAUNCH is a strategic engagement plan for students interested in business to find curated opportunities for wellness, professional development, academic development, and experiential learning at all of UConn campuses.

Resources are curated and sent out in a variety of formats such as the LAUNCH Lists, LAUNCH Podcast, Academic Excellence, and Strategically Engage.

Want to get connected on your campus but not sure where to start? LAUNCH your Engagement by scheduling an appointment with a School of Business Student Experience Specialist!

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Our furry friends always have something to teach us as we navigate through life. Ducket is excited to share his advice for students during their UConn journey.

If you feel inspired and would like to highlight your furry friend and their advice, please reach out to us via our direct messages!

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Hear from experts across University of Connecticut campuses as they share their resources and strategies to help you develop as a student, person, and professional. You'll learn about School of Business majors, mindset, meditation, study strategies, and much more.