Partnering with Parents

We know that supporting students as they move from backpack to briefcase successfully takes a village. Here are five ways you can assist your student as they move towards workplace readiness.

Social Media

Remind them that "recruiters are watching" what they post online especially during the time when are applying for internships and jobs. Instead, have them focus on creating a crisp resume and a profile.

Hint: The School of Business Career Development Office is here to help on day one.


Your student will be asked to "tell their story" in professional and social settings on a regular basis and the student will need as much practice as they can get. Any chance you may have to ask them the question, “Tell me about yourself," will give them the opportunity to hear themselves speak and assess next steps.

Hint: Being confident and selling yourself is often the difference between an applicant that is hired and one that is not.

Internships and Volunteering

Internships come in all shapes and sizes. For college students, this is a great way to experience the world of work and explore a particular industry. First and second year students can get creative and strategic when looking at how volunteering, part-time jobs, and job shadowing can lead to new insights in choosing a major or possible career.

Hint: Learn more about the importance of experiential learning and encourage your student to create a profile on HuskyCareerLink.


There are people who will be influential in your student‘s life especially by assisting them in making career decisions. Give some thought to people you may know who would be willing to do an informational interview or job shadow for your student. Coach the colleague, friend, or family member and have the student reach out to him or her. Conversations where the student recognizes the connection between skills listed on a job description and how to create opportunities here on campus are where they can acquire these skills are pivotal to their success.

Hint: The School of Business has an alumni mentor program in four major cities, and there are mentors on campus everywhere.

Encourage Applied Curiosity

Let’s face it, this generation wants to make money, save the world, and still be home in time for dinner. They will need to try many things before something feels “right,” so just knowing “you have their back” every time they change their mind could make all the difference in their career pursuit. Encourage fearless engagement on campus; doing things such as attending a student club meeting or event, going to the career fair, or listening to a company information session could ignite a spark. Our seniors will tell you that amazing things can happen when you are fearless.