BADM Course Equivalencies

The School of Business regularly offers business courses to non-Business majors under the BADM (Business Administration) subject code. These courses are helpful to consider for students planning on applying to a Business major, students pursuing a Business minor, or students simply interested in expanding their business knowledge. Students planning on applying to a business major can integrate BADM courses intentionally by planning for pre-requisites and considering the important Credit Limitation Policy for Non-Business Majors (below). Listed below are the Business Core classes that are required for all Business majors, and more BADM offerings, as well as Business Minor requirements, are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.
BADM 2101 (formerly offered as BADM 2710) will satisfy the ACCT 2101 Managerial Accounting requirement for all majors


BADM 3103 will satisfy the OPIM 3103 Business Information Systems requirement for all majors


BADM 3104 will satisfy the OPIM 3104 Operations Management requirement for all majors


BADM 3720 will satisfy the BLAW 3175 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business requirement for all majors


BADM 3730 taken Fall 2024 and after will satisfy the FNCE 3101 Financial Management requirement for all majors


If a student took BADM 3730 Spring 2024 or earlier, and completed all 7 critical prior to taking BADM 3730, the Undergraduate Programs Office will substitute BADM 3730 for FNCE 3101 for admitted business majors.  Substitutions can be requested through the Substitution/Course Eval Request form.

BADM 3740 will satisfy the MENT 3101 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior requirement for all majors


BADM 3750 taken Spring 2015 and after will satisfy the MKTG 3101 Intro to Marketing Management requirement for all majors


Students must have junior status (54 credits completed) and all Business critical courses completed with a 'C' or higher in order to enroll in BADM 3750.


Important Notes

Important Policy

Credit Limitation Policy for Non-Business Majors

Students not admitted to a School of Business major are limited to enrolling in no more than 18 credits of 3000 and 4000 level coursework offered by the School of Business. The 18 credit limit applies to all 3000 and 4000 level Business coursework in ACCT, BADM, BUSN, BLAW, FNCE, HCMI, MEM, MENT, MKTG, and OPIM, with the exception of the following course numbers in any department: 3882, 3892, 4881, 4891, 4882, 4892, 4893, and 4899. Coursework at the 1000 and 2000-level are not counted toward the 18-credit limit.

There are many additional BADM course offerings that may fulfill Business major, minor, and/or elective requirements. A full list of BADM courses can be found in the University Catalog.

Please note that BADM course offerings vary by campus. For the most up-to-date list of offerings on your campus, view the Dynamic Class Search in Student Admin.

*For students who took BADM 3750 Fall 2014 and prior, BADM 3750 will not count as MKTG 3101 unless the student completes advanced MKTG course with MKTG 3101 as prerequisite to validate the course.  In this scenario, the student must initially request a permission number for an upper division MKTG course that uses MKTG 3101 as a prerequisite. Once that upper division course is completed, the student should fill out a substitution form for both BADM 3750 and the upper division MKTG course fulfilling the requirement of MKTG 3101. It should be noted that anytime that student wishes to register for a course that use the MKTG 3101 as a prerequisite, the student will have to submit a permission number request, even after validating the course, since the system will not recognize that student as fulfilling the prerequisite.