Education Abroad

Your Adventure Begins Here

The graduates of the UConn School of Business are entering a global workplace. There are a variety of opportunities for students to study abroad while completing undergraduate degrees to better prepare them for a career in a globalized business industry. In most cases, students are able to take a semester abroad without losing any time towards graduation. Discussions start early on between a student and their Academic Advisor to plan for an extraordinary experience abroad.

What is driving your adventure?

Where to go?

If you know where you want to go, explore what you can take there. Remember, it is okay to go abroad and not take any business courses. Please see an advisor to coordinate your schedule around this experience. Learn More

When to Go?

We offer opportunities for both semesters and everything in between. All you have to do is a little planning to ensure you do not miss a beat.

All programs are offered in Fall and Spring semesters, though there are some programs offered in Summer and Winter.

What Courses?

If you know for sure you want to go in a particular term in your junior/senior years, your major may impact what courses you should take. Please use this tool to help you find a place that meets both needs. Don't forget to see an advisor to explore any specific impacts on your major.

Program listings for MEM and OPIM course offerings are coming soon.


We offer both semester-long and summer internships focused in business. Learn More.

Opportunities for Business Students

Grace's Experience in London

What Now?

Talk to your Academic Advisor to see if and how a program will work with your academic plan.

For more information on Education Abroad programs visit the UConn Education Abroad website for a complete list.