School of Business Forms

Once a form is submitted, any subsequent communication will be sent to the student's UConn email address. All academic forms that require a faculty signature, advisor signature, and/or a Dean’s signature can be emailed to

For any student needing permission to enroll in a Business course

For current Business students to change majors or declare concentrations within Business at their campus

For current UConn students to request a substitution of a requirement or Business course evaluation, in consultation with their Advisor

For current Business students to request more than the maximum credits permitted per term

For current Business students to assist with course planning for their major

For current UConn students to declare Business minors

For current non-Business students to assist with course and admission planning

For any student to assist with course planning

Other commonly used University forms, such as the Student Enrollment Request, Additional Degree Petition, Change catalog year, Cancellation of Additional Degree, and Minor Cancellation form, are on the Registrar's website