Honors Advising

The Honors Program represents UConn’s commitment to educating highly motivated and creative leaders and thinkers.  Many successful Business students are also members of UConn's Honors Program.  Students are either admitted to the Honors Program as incoming freshmen, or apply for admission to the program in their first or second year at UConn, to begin in the fall of the following academic year.

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Honors Advising

For the first two years, Business students in the Honors Program are advised by their assigned professional staff advisor. For a student’s junior and senior years, an Honors student will have an Honors Faculty advisor in their major.  Students will be assigned their Honors Faculty Advisor in advance, in a student's second year, so discussions and departmental engagement can begin early.  Faculty Advisors and other essential major-specific information can be found listed below. Current and prospective Honors students will find a wealth of information on the Honors Program website.

    Applying to Honors

    Students not admitted to the Honors Program directly as a freshman may apply to the program after their first or second year.  The Honors Program admission website has more information about the process, including details about the application and applicable deadlines.

    Students may also be interested in learning more about the School of Business Student Organization, Honors in Business Association.

    Recent Major Change?

    If you've recently changed your major and are an Honors student in your second year or later, please be sure to follow-up immediately with your honors faculty advisor (see table below) to discuss your honors plan of study. Your registration may require changes.

    Honors Registration

    Honors students get priority registration when the enrollment period opens.  The School of Business is committed to offering Honors versions of upper-division Business core classes.  Where honors versions are not offered, honors students may request to convert courses to earn Honors credits in a non-Honors course.

    It is important that Honors students consult with their Honors Faculty Advisor to ensure they are taking appropriate Honors courses to compete honors requirements in their major.

    Anticipated Offerings of Business Honors Sections

    Search in StudentAdmin with Dynamic Class Search to see sections, or visit Honors website

    Fall terms

    • ACCT 4204
    • FNCE 3101 (offered every Fall and Spring term)
    • MENT 3101
    • MENT 4900
    • MKTG 3101* (offered every Fall and Spring term)
    • OPIM 3103

    Spring terms

    • FNCE 3101 (offered every Fall and Spring term)
    • MENT 4900
    • MKTG 3101* (offered every Fall and Spring term)
    • OPIM 3103

    *Sections offered at multiple campuses

    **Future term schedules may not be finalized, check StudentAdmin for confirmation

    Honors Information by Major

    Major/Campus Honors Faculty Advisor Thesis Course(s) Take Honors Section  (at the least)
    Department Information
    Accounting at Storrs Alina Lerman ACCT 4997W Department webpage
    Business Administration, Business Data Analytics, and Financial Management at Hartford or Waterbury
    Nora Madjar Dependent on major and topic
    Business majors (all) at Stamford Wynd Harris Dependent on major and topic
    Finance at Storrs Liping Qiu FNCE 4997W FNCE 3101 Department webpage
    Healthcare Management at Storrs Resul Cesur HCMI 4997W FNCE 3101 Department webpage
    Management at Storrs Jo Oh MENT 4997 MENT 3101 Department webpage
    Management Information Systems at Storrs Jonathan Moore OPIM 4996 & 4997 OPIM 3103 Department webpage
    Marketing at Storrs and Marketing Management at Hartford Nicholas Lurie MKTG 4996 & 4997W MKTG 3101 Department webpage / Honors information
    Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies at Storrs Jeffrey Cohen FNCE 4997W FNCE 3101 Department webpage
    • All students in the School of Business, including Honors Scholars, take at least two writing-intensive ("W") courses.
      • One required writing-intensive courses will be identified on the major's plan of study:
        • BUSN 3002W
        • or BUSN 3003W
        • or BUSN 3004W
      • The second writing-intensive course may be the honors thesis course (see major information above to see which departments offer writing-intensive versions of the honors thesis course) or, if not offered as a writing-intensive course, any course of the students choosing (examples are ANTH 1000W, SOCI 1501W, HIST 1502W, etc.)
    • Honors Scholars are encouraged to take more writing-intensive courses where their plan permits.