Choosing a major or an industry to pursue for your future can be a difficult decision. In fact, 61% of college graduates say they would change their major if they could go back to school. We also know that the more opportunities you have to learn about different industries, the more confident you can feel in your decision. 

Industry Snapshot is a series of programs designed by the Office of Undergraduate Programs in the School of Business. It is a one-hour recorded virtual panel discussion with recent business alumni with targeted questions that will allow students to gain insights into different industries. These programs will assist undergraduate business students in making better academic major and career path choices for their future.


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Bill Ryan, Assistant Professor in Residence
Rebecca Kantor, UConn '14, Barstool Sports
Steve McDonald, Google
Kellie Morrissey, UConn '12, Forrester

Cosmetic Industry

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Marjorie V., UConn 19' , Estee Lauder Companies, Inc
Hailey A, UConn 20', MDSolarSciences

Kristen S, UConn 16',  Maesa


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  Margaret Howie, UConn'20, Dell EMC 
Hannah Sugrue, UConn'20, Dell EMC 
Sam Medvin, UConn'17, Dell EMC 
Marissa Portera, UConn'09, Dell EMC

Big Tech and Social Media

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Peter Liu, UConn'16, Facebook
Vivek Tedla, UConn'18, Facebook

Internet and Direct Marketing

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Shirley Tarabochia Rios
UConn'17, Amazon

How to Tell Your Career Story

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Valerie Gordon, Career Education Adjunct Faculty
Storytelling Specialist, Commander-in-She

Management Consulting

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  Paul Millerd, UConn'07, Curious Human & Solopreneur 
Kim Curran, UConn'15, Boston Consulting Group
 Ezra Okon, UConn'09, Boston Consulting Group 
Jeff Noonan, UConn'18, Cove Hill Partners


Fashion Retail Industry

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  Mike Koppel, UConn