Getting Ready to Graduate

Ready to Graduate?  Graduation is not automatic; students who are candidates for graduation must apply to graduate and submit their final plans of study through the Student Administration System.  Plans of study are then routed to a student's Faculty Advisor, the Office of Undergraduate Advising, and the Degree Auditors in the Office of the Registrar to determine if will degree requirements will be satisfied by the end of the semester you've indicated in your application for graduation.

You can apply to graduate the semester prior to your last term, once registration opens for the following term.  While the deadline to submit your final plan of study is the end of the fourth week, it is highly recommended that you apply to graduate and submit your final plan of study before the end of the second week of your final semester so that you can still make adjustments to your schedule if your plan of study is denied.

Confirm you’ve fulfilled your academic requirements by running an Advisement Report.

  • Catalog Year will always read “Not Satisfied.” This is OK.
  • Every other box should be collapsed—indicating you have fulfilled the requirement.
    • If one or more boxes are not collapsed because you are expecting a substitution, please wait until your substitution request has been processed before submitting your plan of study and/or applying to graduate. Once your substitution request is processed and approved, the requirement will collapse within your advisement report.
    • If you are planning on taking courses in a future term to satisfy requirements, you must wait until you register for those courses before submitting your final plan of study.
  • If you are pursuing a School of Business minor and it is not appearing in your advisement report, ensure that you followed the steps to declare your minor.
Apply to graduate through Student Admin. View instructions for applying to graduate through Student Admin.
Submit your electronic plan of study through Student Admin. View instructions on submitting your plan of study through Student Admin. Your plan of study must be submitted by the fourth week of the semester in which you expect to graduate.The earlier, the better.

  • We recommend you submit it after registration in the prior term, before add/drop ends in your last term at the latest.
  • If you have a declared minor, submitting your plan of study will automatically submit your minor plan of study for approval as well.