Student Managed Fund (SMF)

The UConn Student Managed Fund (SMF) provides students an opportunity to gain valuable, year long, hands-on experience in fiduciary management of investment assets, during a students 7th and 8th semesters. SMF has undergraduate teams at Stamford and Storrs - consisting of 10 to 12 members under the guidance of faculty advisors.  Interested students are recommended to start preparing as sophomores.

Student Participant

Matt Veretto, SMF Alum '22

I am so grateful that I was chosen for the SMF program. I have learned so much on the technical and fundamental side, and this is definitely the most real-world experience I’ve had in college. I have been able to meet a lot of great people who have similar goals as myself, and it is a terrific learning environment to constantly get feedback and improve my skills. You get what you put into the program, so the more you care to learn, the more you will get out of the experience!

Student Participant

Katelyn Desautels,  SMF Alum '22

Being a member of the Student Managed Fund has added an additional layer to my undergraduate experience at the University of Connecticut. It has given me the opportunity to apply what I have learned in class to real-world situations and gain hands-on experience in portfolio analysis and management all under the guidance of faculty advisors and experienced investment professionals.

Student Participant

Karolina Tarnacki,  SMF Alum '22

Being a member of the Student Managed Fund program allowed me to gain a level of professional development and education that I previously thought was difficult to obtain at the undergraduate level. Not only does this program provide students with experiential learning in conducting investment research, but members also have the opportunity to learn from their peers and industry professionals. I am grateful for all of the knowledge I have gained as a member of SMF, such as financial modeling, critical thinking, or presentation skills, and I feel well-prepared to begin my full-time role.

Planning Your Academics for SMF

Students are encouraged to be proactive in planning for the earliest enrollment in Finance courses to prepare for SMF. However, students who are delayed in taking the courses, should work with an advisor to learn more about other timelines to complete the required coursework.

Gain Knowledge and Experience - Sophomore Year

Students interested in SMF should start making intentional choices in the sophomore year to develop their knowledge. Below are several ways, successful SMF applicants have built a strong foundation of knowledge.

Preparing for Applying to SMF - Junior Year

Students successful at applying to SMF will enter the process well prepared. Students are evaluated on:

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Communication skills: verbal and written
  • Knowledge of investing and finance
  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and a commitment to the program
  • Presentation skills
  • Previous course work within finance
  • Cumulative GPA

We recommend you use the resources below to create the strongest application and help you prepare for the competitive interview process.

Attend Information Sessions
  • Storrs SMF In-Person Info Session:   TBA 
    • Storrs: Location TBA
  • SMF Open Team Strategy Meetings:  Spring Dates TBA
    • Sit in on the SMF Team Strategy Meeting and Stock Pitches
    • Meet the Current SMF Team Members
    • Storrs: Location TBA
  • SMF Virtual Info Session with Faculty Advisors:  TBA
    • Meet the SMF Storrs Faculty Advisors
    • Open to all campuses
  • Stamford SMF In-Person Info Session: TBA
    • Stamford: Location TBA

    For additional information on the SMF program and the SMF recruiting process,

    please contact Laurel Grisamer or Eddie Papazoni.