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Featured LAUNCH Series for Fall 2021: Online Academic Excellence

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Invest the time into reflecting on your personal aspirations by participating in an 8-hour program administrated throughout January 2022.

Students will have the opportunity to identify career interests and knowledge they desire from a mentor.

Women identifying Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors encouraged to apply. This program is of no cost to business students.

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Hear from experts across University of Connecticut campuses as they share their resources and strategies to help you develop as a student, person, and professional. You'll learn about School of Business majors, mindset, meditation, study strategies, and much more.

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Your academic excellence tells future employers, mentors, and others around you that YOU seized every opportunity to "raise the bar" at the School of Business. Whether it's taking on a minor, meeting one-on-one with an advisor, attending workshops, or becoming a mentor--you can achieve it with LAUNCH.
Experiential Learning
Choosing to engage beyond the classroom is imperative in standing out amongst your peers. Become an active member of an organization, volunteer in your community, attend a business lecture series, or participate in case competitions - YOU determine your experiential learning engagement!
Many companies and graduate schools desire candidates who have the ability to work well with people from many cultural backgrounds. Taking steps to increase your cultural competence and better understand the world around you will undoubtedly enrich and transform your student experience. Explore your opportunities today!
Developing Professionalism
Developing professionalism in your early years of college allows you to successfully navigate new experiences and new connections with ease. Develop and practice techniques to present yourself professionally in all aspects--email etiquette, social media presence, handshakes, and more!

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