Current Business Students Transferring Credit

Procedures for current Business majors at UConn looking to take a course (not identified as a residence requirement) over the winter or summer at a different institution closer to home. Students are encouraged to discuss any plans with their Advisor as certain courses are important to take here at UConn, depending on major and broader academic plan.

Step 1: Decide where to take an approved course

Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding transferring credit. See the "Notes" and helpful links below. From there, you can decide what institution would make the most sense for you.

For CT Institutions:

For out-of-state institutions:

  • Compare the course descriptions in the UConn course catalog to the course descriptions in the catalog from the other institution
  • Submit a Prior Course Approval request through StudentAdmin by the deadlineCourses evaluated as generic credit (given five-digit 9XXXX numbers, ie. HIST 91000) will count as elective credit, and are not evaluated further by the School of Business until after the course is completed.

Step 2: Enroll at that institution

Review important transfer credit guidelines on UConn's Transfer Admissions website.

Use the local college’s website/information to see when/if the course is offered and to register for the course.

Taking our pre-requisite courses in transfer may result in the inability to register for essential Business classes until the pre-requisite is completed and posted to your UConn transcript.

Step 3: After you complete the course

You have to request that the college send your official transcript to UConn Admissions.  Typically this request can be made online through the institution's website.

  • Once UConn Admissions receives your official transcript, it will be evaluated and processed and credits are posted to your UConn transcript within 4-6 weeks after the transfer credit deadline. Contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions about the status of your transfer credit.
  • You need to have earned a C or better at that institution to be eligible to earn credit. The grade you earn will not be on your UConn transcript and will have no effect on your GPA. Instead, the grade will be listed as “T” for “transfer” on your UConn transcript.


  • Be sure to review all information on the Transfer Admissions website for current UConn students and make note of important items such as:
    • Language and lab science courses taught in an online format do not transfer
    • Generally, writing intensive ("W") courses do not transfer
    • A course not listed in the institution's official course catalog does not transfer
    • A grade of C or better must be earned to be eligible for transfer; the grade does not transfer over to your UConn transcript, rather it will say "T" for transfer and have no impact on GPA
  • If you do choose to take a pre-requisite course in transfer without allowing enough time to post to your UConn transcript, it will limit your ability to register for Business courses until the pre-requisite course is completed and posted to your UConn transcript.  See FAQs below for details.
  • Be aware of all residence requirements for the School of Business and your major (these are in the Undergraduate Catalog and listed on each major Plan of Study).  Speak with an OUA Advisor prior to taking any course in transfer if you have questions about this.
  • All UConn academic regulations apply:
    • Note that you are required to obtain written approval (from your current school of college) before repeating any course a third time at UConn or at another institution.  In most cases, you will not be approved to take a required course a third time and have it show on your UConn transcript.  No student is ever approved to take a course for a fourth time.  Please plan your academics in accordance with this policy.
    • See more details in the Undergraduate Catalog.

You can follow the School of Business Transfer Course Evaluation Procedures to see if a substitution is possible. Please note: Courses evaluated as generic credit (given five-digit 9XXXX numbers, ie. HIST 91000) will count as elective credit, and are not evaluated further by the School of Business until after the course is completed.

Since the pre-requisite course is not on your UConn transcript, you will not be able to register for any course that uses it as a pre-requisite through StudentAdmin until the course posts on your UConn transcript (see posting period link above).  If the course is an essential course for your major, you may request a permission number through the online permission number request form once you complete the course and earn a C or better.
  • Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above.
  • Step 4:  Submit permission number requests for the course(s) that use your transferred course as a pre-requisite.
  • Step 5:  Email an Advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Advising or to confirm and document your eligibility.  In your email, include a list for which courses you have requested permission numbers, as well as documentation of your completion of the equivalent pre-requisite course.  Acceptable documentation includes:
    • An unofficial transcript from the outside institution with your final grade delivered in person or over a secure fax.
    • An emailed screenshot of the institutions enrollment management system showing the institution name, your name, course number, and final grade.
  • Step 6:  Wait for a response from the department(s), noting that this process does not guarantee you will be granted permission.  If you are concerned about registering in a timely manner, please plan on taking the pre-requisite course(s) at a UConn campus.
Yes, Prior Course Approvals are specific to an individual student's record. If you do not submit a Prior Course Approval for an institution not listed on the transfer course equivalencies site, you cannot guarantee you will get credit.
For courses taken at other institutions: Follow Step 3 above.  Once you have completed Step 3, you will know they have transferred once you see your transfer credits listed on your UConn transcript and/or listed in your transfer credit report. For AP credits: If you are waiting for AP credits to post, you can confirm your scores have been sent through and reach out to UConn Admissions to confirm they have been received. You will know you have received the credit once you see courses listed on your UConn transcript.

For the University's Repeat Forgiveness policy to be triggered, the course needs to be evaluated and posted to your transcript as exactly the same course (department code and catalog number) you are seeking to repeat. Grades from outside institutions do not transfer, and instead, the grade will be listed as “T” for “transfer” on your UConn transcript. In the computation of GPA when a student repeats a course, the credit and grade points for the most recent taking of the course are included in the GPA calculation and the credit and grade points for the prior taking of the course remain on the transcript, but are removed from the GPA calculation. Since the transferred in credit has no impact on GPA, repeating a class in transfer would remove the credit and grade points from the prior taking of the course from all GPA calculations, but the original letter grade remains listed on the transcript.