Expecting Credits?

Follow the steps below to ensure your academic credit comes with you to UConn

  • Double check that your score(s) qualifies for credit. Grades and grade points do not transfer, credits will be reflected with a “T” grade for “transfer” with no impact on GPA.
  • If you earned a credit-bearing score, be sure your scores were sent to UConn. When you originally took the AP exam(s) you had the opportunity to send one free score report. If you did not add UConn at that time, you need to contact CollegeBoard and have your scores sent to UConn's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you are not sure, contact CollegeBoard.
  • Once sent, give it at least 4 weeks to post to your UConn transcript. Check your UConn transcript in StudentAdmin to confirm they have posted (the credits will be listed on top, under your “Undergraduate Record”).  If they do not post, follow up with UConn Admissions and CollegeBoard until they do.