New Student Orientation

The School of Business Orientation program is a dynamic, in depth introduction to what it means to be a student in UConn's School of Business. A student will leave orientation knowing the nuts and bolts of the academic requirements, the importance of experiential involvement and the opportunities that exist for each student, and most importantly, students will be excited and motivated to create a unique, individual experience which will lead to a successful career in Business!

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While at Orientation...

...your Advisor will ask you to complete this online form:


Information provided to student may include any of the following:

Helpful Links

Undergraduate CatalogThe Catalog is published annually by the Office of the Registrar. It contains the requirements for courses and academic programs. Students who enroll for this Catalog year must complete the graduation requirements specified in this document.

StudentAdmin and Help CenterThe system in which students can enroll in courses, check requirements and academic program progress, see holds on their account, etc.

Academic CalendarPublished each term, the Academic Calendar will give importunate deadlines, holiday observances, break schedules, etc.

Regional Campus Orientation

If you attended a new or transfer student orientation on one of the regional campuses, you are required to view the post-orientation modules and complete a short assessment.

Post Orientation FAQs

For new Freshman or Transfer students, once you come through our Orientation program, you can look up your assigned advisor in StudentAdmin. For current UConn students admitted through our internal admissions process, your Faculty Advisor will be assigned by your major department, and you will see it reflected in your Student Center when the term is over (as of your effective date).
ou will learn this at the required Orientation program that you attend.  For new Freshman or Transfer students, you will register for your classes at the Orientation program you attend, with the assistance of our Advising staff.  For current UConn students admitted through our internal admissions process, you will register at your normally scheduled pick time (look this up in StudentAdmin) and use the resources we reviewed with you at your required advising, primarily your Advisement Report in StudentAdmin and your major Plan of Study.
You can change your schedule once either your registration time or open enrollment begins. You can look up this date in StudentAdmin, under Enrollment Appointment.

Helpful Links