General Education Requirements

General education requirements are an important part of the School of Business student experience. The requirements for School of Business students are determined by School of Business faculty and administrators, and align with the standards set forth by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). UConn is an AACSB-accredited institution.

Your Academic Requirements Report within Student Admin is your best source of information as to which requirements you have completed and which are remaining.

Students in the School of Business are required to complete specific School of Business Required Courses. These courses may also satisfy a University Content Area requirement. Students must also ensure they are meeting all University general education requirements, as outlined below. 
Keep in mind that while there are many options listed below, these courses may not be offered every term so it is important for students to plan accordingly. Substitutions will not be made based on course availability.

Critical Required Courses
Complete in first four terms:

Business Critical Required Courses
Each of these foundational courses (some of which satisfy University Content Area and Competency requirements) must be completed in the first four terms, prior to taking essential 3000/4000-level Business coursework:

ACCT 2001

ECON 1201*** (see note below)

ECON 1202

ENGL 1007, 1010, or 1011

MATH 1070Q

MATH 1071Q or 1131Q

STAT 1000Q or 1100Q

It is suggested that a student have all Critical Q (MATH & STAT) courses complete before taking ACCT 2001, if possible. Accounting majors are recommended to take ACCT 2001 in their third term, and ACCT 2101 in their fourth term, so that they are prepared for the 3000-level ACCT coursework in their fifth term.

Students who place into ENGL 1003 or 1004 as a prerequisite for ENGL 1007/1010/1011 (placement based on GPA, SAT, or TOEFL score) can use the ENGL 1003/1004 credits towards elective credits. Students who transfer in both ENGL 91002 and ENGL 91003, for at least six credits combined, will have their ENGL requirement met automatically.

Other approved math sequences include 1131Q & 1132Q; 1131Q & 1070Q; 1151Q & 1152Q; and 1151Q & 1070Q. See the undergraduate catalog for the full list. Unless students are planning on pursuing mathematics further (through a minor, additional degree, etc.) School of Business students should plan to take the MATH 1070Q and 1071Q sequence.

Students who transfer in STAT 91100 Q-level coursework will have their STAT requirement met automatically.

***According to the catalog, "students may not earn credit for both ARE 1150 and ECON 1201." It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all students currently in, or seeking admission to, the School of Business take ECON 1201, and not ARE 1150, so as not to run into credit restriction issues. Should a student take ARE 1150, the School of Business will substitute that course for the ECON 1201 requirement, however that student will need to request a permission number to enroll in any Business course that uses ECON 1201 as a pre-requisite, and will run into enrollment errors as a result. The School of Business strongly recommends students take ECON 1201.

School of Business Second Language Requirement
Start early and complete by graduation:

School of Business Required Courses
Complete by graduation:

University Requirements
Complete by graduation: