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Advisor Toolbox

Advising is an important component of the student experience in the School of Business, and we recognize that it may come from a variety of sources. We hope to provide information here to guide those who support School of Business students, current and future. Thank you for your involvement in mentoring and advising Business students.

Advising students

Faculty Advisors

You can see your advisee list and their information in StudentAdmin. Here are some instructions:

The Registrar's forms website outlines which forms require what signatures.  Note that many also require the Dean's Designee signature (and possible evaluation of extenuating circumstances) to have final approval, so while an Advisor signature is required, be sure to indicate to your advisee that it is not approved until Dean's Designee signature is obtained. All Dean’s signatures are signed by the Director and Assistant Director for the Undergraduate Program, in BUSN 248.

  • Schedule revision requests require your signature when an advisee wishes to change enrollment after the first two weeks of class.
    • Dropping one class before the 9 week deadline:  You may discuss the decision with the student and sign as you see appropriate.  Once the student obtains your signature, it is considered approved, and the student may bring it to the Registrar's Office for processing.
    • Dropping more than one class AND/OR dropping after the 9 week deadline:  University policy states "to drop a course after the ninth week, the student needs the advisor’s recommendation and the permission of the dean of his or her school or college. The dean grants permission to drop a course after the ninth week for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. Exceptions are not made for the student’s poor academic performance. Some schools may require a petition to drop after the 9th week."  You may sign the form indicating your support, however, the form is not considered approved and students should be made aware they must be prepared to submit documentation and continue seek further approval.  Please refer these students to BUSN 248 immediately.
    • Refer to the Academic Calendar each term for the dates associated with the 9 week deadline.
  • Excess credit requests require your signature, indicating your support for your advisee to take the courses and credit load indicated on the form.  Please know that there is a forms specific to School of Business students (found on our forms page) that details the courses the student intends to take.  If you are in support of the request, please sign the form and instruct the student to bring the form to BUSN 248 to obtain final approval.

Note that most forms require the Dean's Designee signature to have final approval, so while an Adivsor signature is required, be sure to indicate to your advisee that it is not approved until Dean's Designee signature is obtained. All Dean’s signatures are signed by the Director and Assistant Director for the Undergraduate Program, in BUSN 248.

You will need to review all electronic Plan of Study (EPOS) submitted by any of your advisees.  You will get an email once the student submits it through their StudentAdmin, or you can login to StudentAdmin and see all of your pending EPOS awaiting your review. You can view our informational prezi, see instructions on the StudentAdmin help site, or look below for most common issues.

  • Catalog Year will always read “Not Satisfied.” This is OK.
  • Non-Bus. Courses Toward Grad. will always read “Not Satisfied” if the student took 9+ credits of ECON and/or 6+ credits of STAT. This is OK if you confirm that the student has 60 credits of non-business coursework without using the excess ECON or STAT credits.
    • Example:   Let's say a student has 72 Non-Bus. Courses Toward Grad., which includes 21 ECON credits.  Students can only use 9 ECON credits towards their 60 Non-Bus. total, so you have to deduct the different (21-9=12) from the total (72-12=60) to make sure the student still has at least 60 credits, in this case the student does, so you can approve.  (This is detailed step-by-step in the prezi.)
    • Students were asked to review this before submitting their EPOS for review, and instructed to put a note in the comments section when submitting their final plan of study that they have Satisfied the “Non-Bus. Courses Toward Grad.” requirement.
  • You are only approving the student's Business degree requirements, so if other items are listed as "Not Satisfied" related to a minor or a second major, this is OK.
  • If any other items are listed as "Not Satisfied," deny the plan of study and ask the student to meet with an advisor by calling 860-486-2315 or visiting BUSN 248 to review their options. It is best to refer students to contact us during our walk/call-in hours.

Advisors of Propsective Business Students

All advisors of prospective business students are encouraged to use the Prospective Business Student Advising Record (available on our forms page).  This is updated as changes occur to the program each academic year.  Please obtain the most up to date document directly from our website each academic year.

  • For Storrs major admissions, the applications are accepted the first two weeks of every Fall and Spring term (last day to apply is always the last day to add/drop courses through StudentAdmin)
  • For Regional major admissions, it is important to check regularly as the process will be changing in Spring 2017.  Please visit the admissions site to see the current details but plan accordingly if you are applying in Spring 2017 for Fall 2017 admission.
  • It is recommended all students attend an information session (schedule on admissions website) before visiting Advisors at walk/call-in hours.
  • Advisors are not available to meet with active applicants because they all serve on the Admissions Committee.

Visit our transfer page to explore the resources available to you and the students you support.