Internal Admission Summary and Averages

This information is intended to provide a holistic view of the outcomes of the School of Business internal admissions process, what constitutes a strong application, and the typical academic profile of an admitted student.

Please use this page as a general guide, noting that the GPA ranges and averages discussed are just that - averages, and not minimums. Any student who meets the minimum eligibility requirements is encouraged to apply. Students who do not have a 3.0 cumulative GPA are encouraged to share details regarding their academic journey and circumstances on the application for consideration. Students must meet a 3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the term when they apply. Applicants who cannot do so are ineligible.

Academics: 60%

All grades, trends, and coursework on a student's UConn transcript were considered in academic review. Successful applicants exhibited strong performance in rigorous classes, especially the foundational critical courses required for all Business students. In addition to GPA, the most successful applicants showed positive and/or consistent grade trends, took and excelled in rigorous course loads, made progress towards degree completion with no repeating of coursework, and in cases when admitted to UConn as a freshman, took critical courses at UConn and earned high grades in those critical courses.

Admitted Students By the Numbers

Cumulative GPA Range: 3.0 - 4.0

Average: 3.5*

Business Critical Course GPA Range: 2.4 - 4.0

Average: 3.5 with 5 critical courses graded*

Admission rates for students who select Storrs Business majors as their first choice: 45 - 60% each term

Admission rates for students who select regional campus Business majors as their first choice: 65 - 80% each term

*Average GPA, average Business critical course GPA, and average number of graded criticals vary term over term and include students admitted to Business majors at all campuses.

Experience: 40%


Successful applicants exhibited thoughtfulness in their responses to the essay question given, demonstrating goals in line with their actions. They shared information that set them apart from the rest of the applicant pool. Additionally, successful applicants showed intentionality and provided concrete post-high school examples, articulated strengths and interests well, and demonstrated strong communication skills without grammar and spelling errors.


Successful applicants submitted a strong résumé that followed the provided sample format, and demonstrated leadership and commitment to business represented by the activities on their résumé.  Additionally, successful applicants showed involvement and engagement in extra-curricular activities, applicable work experience, relevant certifications, accurate education information, and demonstrated strong communication skills without grammar and spelling errors.