School of Business 4-Year Guide

Achieving your goals comes with making choices about what you will do with your time at UConn. Strategic UConn Business students go on to have rewarding and successful careers.

  • You define your academic excellence by creating a strong academic plan in how you will use your credits, major, minor, etc.
  • You define the skills you will grow through experiential learning that turn into talking points in your interviews.
  • You build your cultural IQ as you seek to understand diversity to embody a contributing business professional in a global community. 
  • You develop the professionalism by which you will present yourself and your UConn experience to employers and experiences beyond college.

We cannot do it for you, but we have created a year-by-year strategic engagement playbook to help you LAUNCH your development and get the most out of UConn. As a future business professional we encourage you to take risks – begin by doing one thing on the list, and building from there. Jump in, no matter where you are in the process, and begin to engage and prepare in strategic and meaningful ways!

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