General Transfer Opportunities

There are two avenues for prospective community college transfer students to seek admission to the School of Business at the University of Connecticut. If you are transferring from another institution that is a Connecticut Community College, please visit this page.


Direct Admission as a Transfer Student

Fulfill specific pre-requisites at your community college to be eligible for consideration for direct transfer admission to Business. Direct admission requires all seven of Business critical courses competed prior to transfer.

To be considered for admission to UConn as a transfer student, UConn Admissions requires:

  • Academic course work comparable to UConn's General Education Requirements
  • Good standing at, and eligible to return to, the last institution of higher education attended. Students who have been dismissed for any reason — academic, disciplinary, or otherwise — must satisfactorily complete one year of challenging, full-time academic course work at another institution before applying to UConn.

Students with less than one year of college are evaluated on the basis of high school and college work (high school GPA and class rank, SAT or ACT scores, quality of academic courses, and college performance to date).


Internal Admission After Becoming a UConn Student

Transfer to UConn with some or none of the seven of Business critical courses for the School of Business and pursue internal admission to Business as a UConn student.

Missing some pre-requisites for a direct admissions pathway? Transfer to UConn as an Exploratory student or a different major and later apply into the School of Business. Business has an internal admissions process for UConn students.

1. Apply through UConn Transfer Admissions

2. Apply through Internal Admissions to the School of Business

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Next Steps


Work with your current Academic Counselor to plan your courses and when you will apply to UConn. You can use this step-by-step guide to help you look at your current coursework.


Learn about the campuses and consider which UConn campus is right for you, as well as what Business majors are offered at each campus. It's also important to understand the transfer application process. UConn offers transfer student events and Open Houses, so be sure to attend!



Apply through UConn Transfer Admissions after working with your Academic Advisor/Counselor to meet any necessary pre-requisites for your program.