Transfer Advising

Transferring to a new institution is a unique experience for each student.  As a new transfer student admitted to the School of Business, here are some important policies to consider with your Advisor.

Credits Required to Complete a Degree in Business

The degree in business requires a minimum of 120 credits. The typical business student takes 45 credits of general education credits, 45-50 credits of Business credits, and the remainder (25-30) credits are electives. Of the 120 credits needed to graduate, 60 must be non-business credits.

Business General Education Courses, Business Critical Courses, University General Education Courses all work towards fulfilling the 60 non-business courses that are required. The remaining non-business courses will be fulfilled by electives. You can see these categories on the Plans of Study for each major.

An elective is simply any course that is not listed on your major plan of study, but are required to get to the 120 credits needed to graduate. Common ways to fulfill electives include:

  • taking non-required courses to improve specific skills or competencies
  • taking language courses
  • completing a minor
  • studying abroad
  • completing a dual degree (150+ credits required to graduate)
  • any transfer credits that don’t fulfill specific requirements
  • Many times business courses will transfer to UConn as BA 91000.
    • These courses will count as business electives, and count towards your 120 credits needed to graduate.
    • This is generally reliant on the course content, instruction method, and whether or not the institution shares similar accreditation (AACSB).
  • See our transfer course evaluation procedures to see if your course is eligible for further evaluation.