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School of Business Cornerstones

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Academic Achievement

There are many ways to access and utilize advising through the Office of Undergraduate Advising

Your advisor helps you navigate your journey at UConn.  Academic advising for business students happens in a number of different ways and advising methods for students change over time.

  • First Year Students
    • Fall semester (required) and spring semester (required) - Students attend an individual one on one appointment with their academic advisor.
  • Second Year Students
    • Fall Semester (required) - Students attend an individual one on one appointment with their academic advisor
    • Spring Semester (optional but highly encouraged) - Students attend major specific Fourth Term Forum workshops
  • Third and Fourth Year Students
    • Advised by a faculty advisor in their major department
    • No required advising appointments but students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor to begin building a relationship
  • First Year Transfer Students
    • First Semester (required) - Students attend an individual one on one appointment with their academic advisor
    • No required advising appointments but students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor to begin building a relationship
  • All students are welcome to open advising hours and our Special Topics Workshops for additional advising

Advisors in the School of Business schedule appointment in a variety of ways:

  • For required advising appointments, check your UConn email for a message from your advisor with instructions on how to sign up.
  • For appointments outside of required advising generally emailing your advisor is the best way to set up an appointment.  If it is during peak registration times, know that your advisor may not have availability outside your required advising appointment and walk-in hours.
  • Always remember, open advising hours are often the easiest and quickest way to see an advisor and work well for quick questions!

Registration FAQ

Instructions for Transferring a Course

Registration for Fall 2018 starts March 19, 2018:
  • Check your specific enrollment appointment ("pick time") in StudentAdmin - this is determined by how many credits you have completed.
  • Check if you have any holds on your account and resolve them before your enrollment date.
  • You may or may not need to complete required advising through the School of Business before you can register for courses.  Always be checking your UConn email (see information on advising of student in the School of Business).
  • Run your Advisement Report to see what required classes you have remaining and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Check out our Registration FAQs if you have questions.

Academic Support

Quantitative Learning Center

Math not always your best subject?  Struggling with a critical MATH or STAT class? The Q Center (Quantitative Learning Center) at the Hartford Campus provides

  • Free drop-in tutoring on Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Statistics, Computer Science, etc.
  • Working with faculty teaching Q courses to improve students learning.

Writing Center

The UConn Hartford Writing Center offers students a supportive and friendly environment in which to work on their writing. The UConn Writing Center supports the development of writing skills for students in a variety of ways:

  • Writing tutoring and review by appointment and drop-in (limited)
  • Help with a variety of writing styles (essay, personal statements, citations, etc...)
  • Workshops on different writing techniques

Wellness Support

Counseling and Wellness Center

The Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) offers a holistic (mind, body, spirit) and preventative approach to self-care and healthy lifestyle choices. CWC provides counseling services and support, educational resources on diverse lifestyle topics, health related issues and career counseling services to undergraduate students.

The Center for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Students with Disabilities supports many students with temporary or long-term academic and physical accommodations:

  • Have any and all requests reviews on an individualized, case-by-case basis
  • Register online with MyAccess
  • Can provide assistance with temporary injuries or conidtions

Experiential Learning

There are many ways for Business students to get involved on and off campus


LAUNCH prepares any student for the world of business by providing a framework for you to design a purposeful and individualized student experience through engaging in activities in the Four Cornerstone Areas.

  • Achieving Academic Excellence
  • Engaging in Experiential Learning
  • Understanding a Diverse World
  • Developing Professionalism
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Upcoming Hartford LAUNCH! Events

  • UConn Hartford Leadership Conference
    • Social Justice, Professionalism, and Leadership workshops facilitated by the Career Center, Leadership Office, Hartford faculty – and more! Lunch, giveaways, and a surprise guest appearance will keep you on your toes during this exciting Leadership Conference opportunity.
    • 1/12/18, 10am-1:30pm
    • Hartford Library Center for Contemporary Culture
    • RSVP:

Getting Involved

There are many ways business students can get involved on and off-campus. Student Activities at the Hartford campus provides a vibrant 'UConn Hartford undergraduate experience' through experiential learning opportunities that engage educate, and enhance student life on campus.

Spring 2018 Hartford Involvement and Resource Fair

  • January 24, 2018, 11-am-1pm
  • Hartford Times Building Atrium


Understanding a Diverse World

It is crucial that business students develop an understanding of the diverse world in which they hope to achieve success

Expanding Your Horizons

Students successful in the many fields of business will need to develop skills and abilities to work with other individuals and in a variety of work spaces and environments.  Developing an understanding of this diversity around us is key to a student's success.  There are many ways to do this on and off campus and your advisor can help guide you to opportunities that fit your goals.  Here are somethings you can do now to begin broadening your understanding:

Upcoming Events

  • Education Abroad 101
    • 2/7/18, 12:20pm-1:10pm
    • Hartford Time Building Room 227
  • Education Abroad: Where Will the World Take You?
    • During Major Exploration Week, Education Abroad will feature walk-in advising to help students consider which programs best help them fulfill their major and minor requirements
    • Every day from 2/12/18 through 2/16/18
    • 10am-3pm in Rowe 117, Storrs Campus

Professional Development

It's never too early for business students to start preparing themselves to be successful professionals in their chosen field

Resources for Professional Development

As emerging leaders in the world of business it's important for business students to develop their professional skills and abilities early.  There are a number of resources in the School of Business and at UConn that students can utilize to kick start their professional careers.  If you're wondering where to start here are a few items you can do now:

  • Take BUSN 3005 Career Development in Business, a roadmap for the college to career experience
  • Create a resume and have it reviewed by the Career Development Office
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and begin making connections
  • Start exploring Husky Career Prep and Husky Career Link
  • Check out CCD on Demand
  • Read the Wall Street Journal (free access to business students)

Upcoming Career Events

Check out these upcoming Career Fairs for spring 2018.  Remember it's never to early to practice talking to employers!

  • Resume Lab
    • 1/29/18, 12-1:30pm
    • TBD, Storrs Campus
  • Finding an Internship or Co-op
    • 1/31/18, 3-4pm
    • JRB 204, Storrs Campus
  • LinkedIn Lab
    • 1/14/18, 1-2:30pm
    • HBL Electronic Classroom 1, Storrs Campus
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