Convert DM&A or PSL Certificate to Concentration

As of Fall 2016, undergraduate marketing majors will have the opportunity to earn “concentrations” in either Digital Marketing & Analytics or Professional Sales Leadership rather than “certificates”.  The key reason for this change is that upon completion “concentrations” will be reflected on your transcript, whereas “certificates” are not.  Note that Marketing majors may continue to remain in the major without pursuing a concentration if they so choose.  Non-Marketing majors interested in these subjects may pursue a minor.

The instructions below are intended for students in the 2015-16 catalog year and prior (run your advisement report to confirm).  If your catalog year is 2016-17 or later, you may skip to step 3.

Interested Marketing majors can follow these steps to earn a concentration:

STEP 1:  Register for Required Concentration Courses

Reference the 2016-17 Marketing Plan of Study to see concentration requirements and register for the appropriate classes.

  • The courses required to earn the concentrations mirror the requirements for the prior “certificates.”
  • If you are already in the 2016-17 catalog year or later (run your advisement report to confirm), you may skip to step 3.

STEP 2:  Request to Change Catalog Year

Once each of the three required concentration courses are reflected on your transcript:

  1. Complete a Change Catalog Year form and return to Registrar’s Office.
    • Under “Catalog Year Requested” indicate 2016-17.
    • This is required since the concentrations do not exist in catalogs prior to 2016-17.
  2. Run your Advisement Report (instructions here) to confirm that your request has been processed.
    1. Your catalog year is reported in the first box listed on your Advisement Report.  When it lists 2016-17 in this section, you know your request has been processed.
    2. If your “Content Area 4” requirement is satisfied, but your “Business Diversity” requirement shows as unsatisfied now that you changed your catalog year, we will substitute the original CA4 course you used to complete this requirement.  Please submit a substitution form to the Office of Undergraduate Advising in BUSN 248 or to

STEP 3:  Submit Major Change Request Form

Once catalog year change is processed:

  1. Complete a Major Change Request form noting your desired concentration and submit to the Office of Undergraduate Advising in BUSN 248 or to
    • This cannot be processed until your catalog year has changed, so be sure not to submit this form until you have confirmed you are in the 2016-17 catalog (Step 2).
  2. You will know when your major change has been processed by looking at “My Academics” in StudentAdmin.