Focus Areas in Business

Business Fundamentals Summer Program

10 Credits • Details • Open to Business and Non-Business Majors

The Business Fundamentals Summer Program is an intensive seven-week program designed to provide training in career development and business fundamentals. This is a cohort program taken during the Summer semester.

Minors within Business

Credits Vary • See Minors • Open to Business and Non-Business Majors

A variety of minors are available from the School of Business.  Each minor will indicate which majors are eligible to earn that minor, as well as outline course requirements and provide a suggestion time frame within which to complete the courses.

Concentrations within Majors

Credits Vary • See Plans of Study • Open to Management and Marketing majors

Management majors may elect to earn a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Marketing majors may elect to earn a concentration in Digital Marketing & Analytics or Professional Sales Leadership.  Students formerly pursuing the certificates within this program can follow these instructions to transition to a concentration or minor.

If adding additional coursework does not work with your plan, check out the Experiential Certificate opportunities available!