Work towards achieving academic excellence by utilizing the many resources available on your campus. Every UConn location offers tutoring centers, academic workshops, and health and wellness support.

Student Support

Stamford Connection Corner is a space for students to engage with key staff members, ask questions pertaining to campus, transition and one’s college journey. Staff members host weekly virtual meetings to answer your questions and get you connected to UConn Stamford.


Experiential Learning

Engaging in experiential learning by participating in a corporate-sponsored case competition, leading a student organization, studying abroad, or securing an internship provides students with invaluable skills and knowledge. It takes the information and concepts students may learn in a lecture and makes it all "real," allowing students to apply their knowledge to hands-on experiences.


  1. 1/26 Husky Howl
  2. 1/26 Leadership Certificate: Discovery Module Registration
  3. 1/27 Husky Howl
  4. 1/27 Leadership Certificate: Discovery Module Registration
  5. 1/27 General Senate Meeting
  6. 1/27 Bingo With A Brit
  7. 1/28 Leadership Certificate: Discovery Module Registration
  8. 1/31 SGA: Finance Meeting

Getting Involved

Bloomberg at UConn

UConn Business students have access to Bloomberg Terminals, which are advanced computer systems with integrated financial software.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an 8-hour, self-paced e-learning course that provides an interactive introduction to the financial markets. Completion of the Bloomberg Market Concepts course and having relevant, practical knowledge is important to land key internships in the financial world.



Exploring Diversity

Your college experience is a great time to be intentional at learning from and building relationships with individuals who do not share your world view. Whether you study abroad, join a student group, take a class, or make a friend, do not miss out on the opportunities in front of you to explore diversity.

Expanding Your Horizons

Upcoming Diversity Events

  1. 1/28 Gilman Scholarship Info Session
  2. 2/10 Mona Siddiqui On Shari'a
Developing Professionalism

Developing Professionalism

Developing professionalism in your early years of college allows you to successfully navigate new experiences and new connections with ease. Develop and practice techniques to present yourself professionally in all aspects - email etiquette, social media presence, handshakes, and more!

Resources for Professional Development

Upcoming Career Events

  1. 1/26 Husky To Hire: The Internship And Co-op Search
  2. 1/29 Husky To Hire: Build Your Network
  3. 2/1 UConn Internship & Co-op Fair 2022 (Virtual)
  4. 2/2 Husky To Hire: LinkedIn
  5. 2/3 Husky To Hire: The Cover Letter
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