Peer Advisors


Our Peer Advisors are current undergraduate business students. They play a vital role in helping to assist advising our first year students.  You may also meet with one of them during open advising hours!  They are highly trained and very knowledgeable students who all have a variety of experiences in student groups, studying abroad, internships, and leadership opportunities.  The Office of Undergraduate Advising hires Peer Advisors every Spring for the coming academic year, please visit our Student Employment page for more information.

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Peer Advisors Based on Storrs Campus

Storrs Peer Advisors are available for in person drop-in meetings Mondays and Thursdays 9-11am, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2-4pm, and Fridays 10am-12pm in the first floor School of Business Lounge.

Major: Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Campus Involvements: President of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), Former Treasurer of the Dominican Student Association (DSA), UConn Marching Band, UConn Drumline, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Accounting Society, Intramural Basketball and Flag Football, National Society of Leadership and Success, Facility Attendant at the Recreation Center

What are your career goals after graduation?: After graduation, I plan to get my master's degree and my CPA soon after. I would then like to get a job at a Public Accounting Firm in their Audit sector. I also want to become a Financial Advisor and teach Financial Literacy to people in low income areas.

Fun Fact: I went to a performing arts high school in NYC where I played the clarinet and alto saxophone.
Major: Real Estate & Urban Economic Studies, Spanish minor

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Campus Involvements: Alpha Phi Omega, Real Estate Society (Secretary), Jonathan Husky Handler, BCLC

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I enjoy the variety of resources that are available to help business students succeed at UConn. One major resource was living in the Business Connections Learning Community freshman year, it helped me meet other business students and learn about the business world before I began taking major courses. I also like that we have our own advising office in the business school with advisors who are knowledgeable about each major.

Fun Fact: My puppy has more followers on Instagram than me!
Major: Management, Professional Sales & Leadership minor

Hometown: Trumbull, CT

Campus Involvements: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, HuskyTHON Chair, VP of Growth

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I really enjoy the culture of the Business School. Everyone is always really friendly, and it always seems like someone is willing to help you reach your goals. The opportunity to grow and develop as a professional in this sort of environment is very helpful.

Fun Fact: I've been bitten by a shark!!
Major: Accounting, Management minor

Hometown: Tolland, CT

Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, School of Business Peer Advisor Student Coordinator, TME Mentor

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I really enjoy the amount of and quality of resources that the School of Business has to offer. Having professors who have worked in their respective industries and learning from someone with firsthand experience is invaluable. The connections to the professional world through alumni and recruiting events are also certainly a huge part of it, but having our own career center is a resource that I feel often goes overlooked by many students. Things like Career Tuesdays are really helpful for getting your feet wet in talking to recruiters, and the ability to get your resume critiqued so conveniently is something that no other program at UConn has.

Fun Fact: I have 39 pairs of shoes and in my free time I like to cook.
Major: Accounting, Psychological Sciences and Digital Marketing & Analytics minors

Hometown: Naugatuck, CT

Campus Involvements: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Honors in Business Association, Deloitte Audit Innovation Campus Challenge (Fall 2020)

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I enjoy learning about the true impact that business can really have on our lives. All from a mixture of the advertisements we see to the economic impacts we hear about on the news, the business world is one that is very influential and I am excited to be apart of that when I graduate. I believe we can all become leaders and push for innovation if we work our hardest, and that is why I am proud to be a business student.

Fun Fact: I am a big fan of the English Soccer Club Manchester City!
Major: Accounting, Africana Studies and Urban & Community Studies minors

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Campus Involvements: Big Brother Big Sister, Business Leaders of UConn: Vice President, Hillside Ventures: Analyst, SUBOG: VP of Finance, UCTV: Chief Diversity Officer

What are your career goals after graduation?: I hope to work in the tech or music/entertainment industry after graduation. After a few years, I plan on enrolling in graduate school to pursue either my MBA or JD.

Fun Fact: My friends and I are big J. Cole fans and are planning on going to Dreamville feast in 2022.
Major: Marketing with a DMA concentration, Communications minor

Hometown: Danbury, CT

Campus Involvements: Gamma Phi Beta Merchandise Chair Assistant, Panhellenic Council Merchandise Coordinator, Junior Panhellenic Council Vice President of External Affairs, Women in Business Marketing and Merchandise Committee, Recreation Center Customer Service Assistant

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I love that being a business student at UConn means being constantly supported and empowered by individuals who are passionate about the same field as you and genuinely want to see you succeed! The community the School of Business fosters is so inclusive, promotes such meaningful connections, and truly motivates you to become the best version of yourself. I know that the unique experience being a UConn business student is has made me a better student, leader, and future businesswoman, and will take me far in achieving my goals!

Fun Fact: I am Vietnamese and have been to Vietnam!
Major: Finance, Management minor

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Campus Involvements: Kappa Alpha Theta - Chief Diversity Equity & inclusion officer & Member Development Committee, SEO Career (SEO Edge Participant

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I enjoy all the resources that are constantly provided to make ourselves better business students no matter that path we are seeking. I also love how such a big community is made to feel smaller because of all the connections. The Business School including my advisors and my professors made me confident in my major and made me even more confident to go a step further with a minor.

Fun Fact: I enjoy interior design and love decorating spaces
Major: Finance, Real Estate minor

Hometown: El Segundo, CA

Campus Involvements:Alpha Kappa Psi - HuskyTHON Chair, Brotherhood Council, Professional Committee, Service Committee; Club Water Polo - Financial Advisor, Treasurer

What are your career goals after graduation?:I hope to get a position in wealth management in New York City with Morgan Stanley or JP Morgan!

Fun Fact: Harrison Ford almost ran me over with his bike at the beach and I am the youngest of 6 children.
Major: Management, Analytics minor

Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ

Campus Involvements: Women in Business, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Management Ambassadors, HuskyTHON

What are your career goals after graduation: I have strong interests in Healthcare and Project Management, so I plan to find a position relating to one of those fields. Eventually I plan to go back to school and earn a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration.

Fun Fact: I have never pumped my own gas!
Major: Marketing Hometown: Fairfield, CT Campus Involvements:  Women in Business - Events and Marketing Committee; Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity; Alpha Phi: Executive Board VP of Community Relations; Big Brother Big Sister; HuskyTHON - Dancer Representative; Basketball Intramurals - Team Captain What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I enjoy the positive and passionate energy that radiates among business students. Once my classes began taking place within the School of Business, I was able to connect with other business students in sharing our interest in our current courses and future goals. I had never realized how excited I was thinking about my major and my future until I connected with the other students. Fun Fact: My team came in second place in a Case Competition organized through the Women in Business Club at UConn in November 2019!
Major: Marketing, Management minor

Hometown: Hamden, CT

Campus Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi - Vice President of Marketing, Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) - President, Learning Community Executive Council (LCEC) - Marketing Chair, UConn Debate Team, Muslim Student Association, UConn Badminton Team

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: What I enjoy most about being a business student is how open everyone is. I feel like there is a real community in the business school, whether it's finding people to study within classes, meeting them in the lounge, or working on a project, all of my business school colleagues have always been so enthusiastic to help me in any way they can. I also enjoy how broad the curriculum is throughout each subject, as it really makes it feel like you can create any path you want.

Fun Fact:  In high school, I was sponsored to attend a Model UN conference in Budapest, Hungary, and I have been to 14 different countries!
Major: Accounting

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Campus Involvement: Honors Across State Borders trip director, Asian/ Asian American Mentoring Program mentor, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority Vice President of External Affairs

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I enjoy being a business student at UConn because of the wide variety of courses available, professors who really want to help their students succeed, and the numerous resources meant to help students grow in both their professional and personal lives.

Fun Fact: I have been raising Monarch butterflies for 16 years!
Major: Management Information Systems, Analytics minor Hometown: Attleboro, MA Campus Involvement: Information Management Association, Business Management Society, Special Olympics Connecticut (UConn Outreach Committee Lead), Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alpha Delta Lambda Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, Information Technology Program Delivery Intern at CVS Health/Aetna, studied abroad in Florence, Italy during my sophomore year What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: The community aspect of all of the business students is the greatest aspect of being a student here. In my college career so far, I’ve met countless peers in my classes, campus organizations, and on projects that have become some of my greatest friends and resources during my time here. Being able to connect and work together with such a focused group motivates me to succeed and has gotten me even more prepared for my post college career. As an MIS major, being surrounded by likeminded peers has helped me grow my interest in the field and has opened countless doors for me going forward! Fun Fact: My great-great grandfather was the opponent running for president against Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964!

International Peer Advisors Based on Storrs Campus

Major: Finance

Hometown: China

Campus Involvement: UConn Visitor Center Tour Guide, USG Senator

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I have always been interested in finance since I was a child. My parents both work in the finance industry so my childhood was always sitting in their offices and read books about Buffett, Gates, Jobs, and Soros. Their story inspired me to be a future investor. I also love the analytical part of the industry. Investing time in tracing data and analyzing the flow of data to come up with a conclusion is very satisfying.

Fun Fact: I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!
Major: Finance

Hometown: Qingdao, Shandong

Campus Involvement: UConn Finance Society member, BCLC Alum

Fun Fact: The last meal for me on the earth will be Fried Onion Rings with Cheese Burger because that's the most unhealthy food I ever heard.
Major: Finance

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Student Government, Global Business Ambassador, Hillside Venture Analyst, Beta Alpha Psi, Women's Financial Association, Virtual Study Abroad in London

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student:  By studying business, I have the chance to develop meaningful relationships with my classmates, professors, and even UConn alumnus by attending networking events and speaker series hold by student organizations under School of Business, Moreover, I have successfully created my professional brand online by utilizing the resource from Career office. Besides that, being a business student have the opportunity to learn a little about everything. Business capstone classes help me broaden my horizon of other business major and develop a global perspective.

Fun Fact:  The most exciting thing I did during Covid was experiencing a 30-minute helicopter tour above New York City.

Peer Advisors Based on Regional Campuses

Regional campus Peer Advisors will be available via appointment during the Fall semester. Check back soon for availability!

Major: Financial Management, Accounting minor

Campus: Stamford

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Campus Involvement: Business Connections Learning Community, Financial Management Club, Women in Finance Association

What are your career goals after graduation?: I plan on applying to UConn's 4+1 program in Financial Risk Management. After completion of that, I hope to work in the risk division as an analyst of a bank in New York City!

Fun Fact:  I've climbed a volcano in Santorini, Greece!
Major:  Marketing Management, French minor Campus: Hartford Hometown: Wethersfield , CT Campus Involvement: Study Abroad in Paris Fall 2019; Vice President of Alumni Relations for the Student Alumni Association; Media Coordinator for EcoGarden; member of Women in Business, International Business Association. What I Enjoy Most About Being a Business Student: I started off my college career as an Undecided major so for me, becoming a business student gave me a sense of belonging and direction I needed. In the School of Business, there are numerous resources and opportunities that are offered to help you succeed and be more confident in your skills Fun Fact: I named my cat Ophelia after the Lumineers song that was stuck in my head.
Major: Business Administration, Psychological Sciences minor

Campus: Waterbury

Hometown: Bridgewater, CT

Campus Involvement:  Waterbury ASG (Associated Student Government)- Secretary, WBS (Waterbury Business Society) Member, UConn Waterbury Campus Tour Guide, UConn Waterbury Front Desk Employee

What are your career goals after graduation?: I would like to work for a retail company, possibly create my own fashion line, or do something in the mental health area. I have a open mind right now for after graduation which is why I chose a major such as Business Administration to allow me that versatility.

Fun Fact: I am certified in two levels of Reiki and enjoy writing my own meditations!