Spring 2021 Guidance for Returning Students on F1 Visas

International students on F1 visas who are located outside of the United States and who do not feel comfortable returning for the Spring 2021 semester OR they are unable to return due to travel and government restrictions can take all classes online. Below, students will find guidance that will help them to make informed decisions about their options in Spring 2021. Students should also make it a priority to understand the impact of these decisions on their visa status (Visit the ISSS COVID-19 FAQ page for more information). 

If you are an F1 visa student in the United States, please continue to monitor the updates emailed to you from ISSS.  They will let you know the current opportunities or limitations with your visa.

The information on this page is accurate as of November 19, 2020 and will continue to be updated.

Options at UConn
Taking in-person or online courses through UConn:

Once you have confirmed with ISSS what types of enrollment your visa will permit for Spring 2021, students should use this information to select the appropriate types of instruction that meet their need.

  • Course modalities were announced in October 2020 and students can add/drop/swap courses through the start of the spring 2021 term if necessary. For the steps to take to finalize your spring schedule, view the Spring 2021 guidance from the School of Business.
  • Advisors will be available to help you work through any challenges as you plan your schedule and what types of instructor fit your needs.
  • This FAQ page provided by the Registrar may be helpful to understand the different course options that may be available to students this spring. 
Courses offered fully online, asynchronously (meaning that the course can be accessed at any time), will be specifically noted in Student Admin. We recommend that students living abroad who choose to enroll in a fully online semester of UConn courses choose classes with asynchronous delivery to prevent challenges associated with accessing course content in real time due to time zone differences. Be sure to also review ISSS’s Online Study Rules for International Students who plan to study online this Spring.
Some students are participating in Education Abroad experiences in their home countries. Please be aware of the following guidelines to help you make an informed decision about the class choices at other institutions.

  • It is not common for requirements to be fulfilled while studying elsewhere. You can expect in most cases to fulfill elective requirements. If you are seeking to take business courses abroad that are approved, all prerequisites must be fulfilled. Please consult with Brandy Nelson before considering taking required business courses abroad.
  • Every business major has a set of Residence Requirements. Please view your Plan of Study to review yours. These classes cannot be taken at other institutions. Some of the courses that must be taken at UConn include MGMT 4900/4902 and the business writing courses.
  • Spring 2021 graduates should consult with Brandy Nelson to determine if studying abroad in their final semester is an option.

Transferring Credit to UConn
Requires taking a Leave of Absence

If UConn is teaching courses in asynchronous delivery, we strongly encourage you to not separate from UConn in Spring 2021. However, if you feel you must and choose to take courses at a local institution, these will be considered transfer work and you will be required to take a leave of absence for the Spring 2021 semester. To do so, follow the instructions on this page in the Taking A Leave of Absence section.

Business courses can only be transferred from AACSB accredited institutions. Transfer work must be evaluated BEFORE you register for the course to ensure it is transferrable to UConn. 

Please review the steps to having a course evaluated

Before committing to this option, email undergrad.business@uconn.edu to connect with an advisor. - Due to visa regulations, you should also connect with your ISSS Advisor if you hold an F-1 Visa before committing to this option.

Options at Partner Institutions Abroad
Taking Courses Through A UConn Exchange Program (If this option becomes available):

Until you have applied, been accepted and registered at a partner program, we strongly advise that you enroll in UConn online courses until Education Abroad accepts you and you commit to your program application. Education Abroad will adjust your schedule once you have been accepted and have confirmed.

    General Programs Overview – Webinar (Recorded July 1, 2020).
    ECNU Course # ECNU Course Title UConn Course # UConn Course Title Credits
    FINA0031131071 Financial Accounting ACCT 2001 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
    GECI0031111008 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 1202  Principles of Macroeconomics 3
    GEOG0031121008 Microeconomics ECON 1201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
    REEM0031121001 Macroeconomics ECON 1202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
    GEOG0031112047 Globalization and Local Development GEOG 2000 Globalization 3
    GEOG0031112993 Urban Environmental Geosciences GSCI 1000E The Human Epoch: Living in Anthropocene 3
    MATH0031111000 College Mathematics MATH 1071Q Calculus for Business and Economics 3
    GEOG0031132028 Introduction of Environment Science NRE 1000E Environmental Science 3
    PHIL0031131008 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 1101 Problems of Philosophy 3
    PHIL0031112117 Classical Reading on Philosophy of Happiness and the Good Life PHIL 1103 Philosophical Classics 3
    PHIL0031112118 Introduction to Plato’s Republic PHIL 1103 Philosophical Classics 3
    PHIL0031112126 Readings of Kant’s Practical Philosophy PHIL 1103 Philosophical Classics 3
    PHIL0231132995 The Classics of Western philosophy: A Reader’s Guide PHIL 1103 Philosophical Classics 3
    PHIL0031112075 Morality and Good Life PHIL 1104 Philosophy and Social Ethics 3
    PHIL0031112991 Ethics in Life PHIL 1104 Philosophy and Social Ethics 3
    PHIL0031112079 Environmental Ethics PHIL 1108E Environmental Philosophy 3
    STAT0031111001 University Statistics STAT 1100Q Elementary Concepts of Statistics 3
    ECOL0031112004 Global Change and Human Environment EEB 2100E Global Change Ecology 3
    ECOL0031152000 Ecological Environment and Human Development EEB 2100E Global Change Ecology 3
    ECOL0031131053 Environmental Ecology EEB 2244E General Ecology 4
    POLI0031121003 Introduction to Politics POLS 1202 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
    PSYC0031131040 Psychology PSYC 1101 General Psychology II 3
    MELE0031121002 College Physics B2 PHYS 1202Q General Physics II 3
    PHYS0031121801 University Physics Experiment B PHYS 1202Q (LAB COMPONENT - See Pre-Req Requirements) General Physics II 1
    GEOG0031131002 Human Geography GEOG 2200 Introduction to Human Geography 3
    Fudan University Course # Fudan University Course Name UConn Course # UConn Course Name Majors Who Can Benefit from Course
    MANA110005 E-Business BADM 3760 This is not a course a business student can take.
    MANA116019.01 International Markets Study MKTG 3101 Introduction to Marketing Management All business majors, prerequisites must be completed.
    MANA116022.01 Company Logistics OPIM 4893 OPIM Foreign Study Approved to fulfill an OPIM Elective for the MIS major
    MANA130004 Financial Management FNCE 3101 Financial Management All business majors, prerequisites must be completed.
    MANA130006 Marketing Management MKTG 3101 Introduction to Marketing Management All business majors, prerequisites must be completed.
    MANA130007 Business Information Systems OPIM 3103 Business Information Systems All business majors
    MANA130363 Behavioral Finance FNCE 4893 Finance Foreign Study Approved for Finance majors to fulfill an “Additional FNCE Course” Requirement for all catalog years.
    MANA116019 International Markets Study MKTG 3260 Marketing Research Marketing major should NOT take this course. It is required to be taken in residence at UConn. 
    MANA130387.01 Business Logistics - Doing Business in China BADM 2893 Business Administration Foreign Study Elective for any major
    UNNC Course # UNNC Course Title UConn Course # UConn Course Title
    CELEF002 Introduction to Information Technology OPIM 4893 Foreign Study
    CELEN043 Media and Texts: Culture COMM 3993 Foreign Study
    CELEN041 Introduction to Business & Management BADM 2893 Foreign Study
    CELEN064 Introduction to Economics II ECON 1202 Principles of Macroeconomics
    CELEN062 Language in Mind and Society LING 1793 Foreign Studies
    CELEN065 Introduction to History HIST 1100 The Historian as Detective
    CELEN037 Foundation Calculus and Mathematical Techniques MATH1131 Q Calculus I
    CELEN084 Advanced Foundation Math 2 MATH 1131Q Calculus I

    Taking A Leave of Absence
    Notes for students not taking classes:

    Students who seek to separate from UConn in the fall should do so after consulting with an advisor by emailing undergrad.business@uconn.edu.  If you leave your business major meeting the Scholastic Standing requirements for your catalog year and credit standing, you will be readmitted to the same School of Business major when you return.

    Steps to ensure Taking A Leave of Absence goes smoothly:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Please view the answers to important questions below, and send any additional questions you have through email to brandy.nelson@uconn.edu.

    Review your plan of study. Page one of your plan of study outlines your Critical courses and General Education requirements. Business students also need about 15 credits of non-Business electives to graduate.

    Page two of your plan of study outlines your upper-division Business course requirements, designed to be done in last two years (possibly three terms).

    Registration 101 for International Students
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    Students are encouraged to reach out to our team via Open Advising Hours through our chat or virtual meetings. If you cannot make those, please email undergrad.business@uconn.edu with any questions or concerns. You can also email your advisor directly.

    General Information on academic policies for business and prospective Business majors available here.

    Many student organizations are operating virtually this semester. You should also monitor your UConn email for LAUNCH opportunities! More opportunities to engage are available.

    Yes, we advise that you enroll in an English course this Spring via UConn Online. Your Advisor will let you know which English class to take first, either ENGL 1003, ENGL 1004 or ENGL 1007. Your Advisor will also email you if you have not taken your English Placement Survey. If you receive this email, you must take your Placement survey as soon as possible so that you can enroll in the appropriate English class this Spring. Your Advisor will provide you with the link in their email to you.