Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Advising

Despite not being in the office, your Advising team is still here for you.

• Email us at undergrad.business@uconn.edu
• Connect live with us during virtual drop-in advising hours
• Call our office at (860) 486-2315 to speak with someone or to leave a voicemail

All academic forms that require a faculty signature, advisor signature, and/or a Dean’s signature can be emailed to undergrad.business@uconn.edu.

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Who We Are

As an arm of the School of Business Dean’s office, our mission is to foster a dynamic and inclusive educational environment for holistic student development that empowers current and future students to achieve academic excellence, engage in experiential learning, understand a diverse world, and develop professionalism.  As part of this mission, the Office of Undergraduate Advising partners with faculty, staff, and students across all of UConn’s campuses to support all aspects of undergraduate education.

Professional Advisors

Professional Academic Advisors advise first and second year Business students, and are available as a resource to third and fourth year Business students.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Academic Advisors work with third and fourth year Business students, primarily advising on field and career opportunities. Students are assigned advisors within their major departments.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are Business students who advise by sharing a student perspective. They primarily serve first and second year students, but are also available to third and fourth year students.

Emma Bjorngard, Academic Advisor, Office of Undergraduate Advising


Dr. Robert Day, Associate Professor, OPIM

Jordan Wang, '21, Finance

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